Iowa Squeaks Past Minnesota in Floyd of Rosedale Rivalry

The 2017 Floyd of Rosedale was definitely one of the biggest remaining games for the Iowa Hawkeyes to get their foot back on the pedals.

This game definitely could not have ended in the loss column for the Iowa Hawkeyes. With already three losses on the season (in games they should have won based on their actual performance) they cannot afford a fourth. Although most Hawkeye fans are mad about this season, I expected worse.

Of course the Hawkeyes aren’t going to be great this season. Let’s face it, we have a sophomore quarterback playing in his first season as a starter, basically a whole new offensive line, and brand new receivers who most have never even played a snap in their collegiate careers. With how things have been going in 2017, it only shows how great we will be by as close as next season. But enough of that, let’s get into this game.

The Hawkeyes came three minutes into the game and score a touchdown, with Stanley throwing 52 yards right off the bat. Right then, I thought this game was going to end up in the 50-point column. Well uh, that didn’t exactly happen, like not even close. A 17-10 victory was all Iowa could handle in this game under the lights in Kinnick Stadium. Like always this season, play calling was horrendous, and just sloppy play. As expected with a young team, it is rather frustrating as well. That’s the drawback of being a Hawkeye fan, is utter disappointment nine times out of ten.

But hey, this team has such a bright future ahead of them with this talented young roster. This is basically a tanking season, let’s just have fun. Also, this season isn’t over, we still have a shot at a nine-win season, althought we would have to beat Ohio State and Wisconsin. Sheesh. Enjoy the highlight video by FOX Sports on YouTube. Go Hawks.

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