So Who’s In The College Football Playoff Top-4 Now?

(Nov. 10, 2017 – Source: Butch Dill/Getty Images North America)

With madness happening in week nine of college football action, including two top-four teams going down, things are getting weird.

With No. 4 TCU dropping to No. 25 Iowa State and No.2 Penn State losing from the No. 6 Ohio State comeback, we will see two new top-four teams who could potentially play for the four-team playoff late in December. But who are those teams going to be for week 10? Let’s figure that out right now.

I believe the new teams that will take those two opening spots are the Wisconsin Badgers and the Ohio State Buckeyes. Yes, Ohio State will make that glorious jump to the top-four after that incredible come from behind victory against the second-ranked Nittany Lions of Penn State. That was such a crazy game, by the way, unbelievable, honestly. Never saw that coming, but anyways, Wisconsin barely got past Illinois today which could be seen as a game where they may be slightly moved up. But with the Badgers currently sitting at the fifth spot, it makes sense to move them up, especially after two top-four teams went down today (Oct. 28th).

My current top-four after today’s incredible action of college football, is Alabama at No. 1, Georgia at No.2, Wisconsin and Ohio State at No. 3 & 4. Wait a second-two teams from two different conferences in the same top-four? You betcha. Who else in the country can top them? With how competitive this year has been, there is honestly no one else at this point of the season that can top these four teams. Although Wisconsin is definitely upset worthy, almost getting slapped by Illinois today, which would’ve been completely disastrous.

Overall, the top-four makes sense to have Alabama, Georgia, Wisconsin and Ohio State. I can definitely see them switching Ohio State and Wisconsin from No. 3 and 4. ALabama and Georgia will stay where they currently are, especially after Georgia completely hammered Florida 42-7. Gotta love the SEC. With Georgia and Alabama going to be, quite possibly, making the SEC Title Game, it will probably be the best SEC Title Game we will ever see. Let’s hope they both win out and stay undefeated heading into that game. How incredible would that be? All in all, the top-four could go any way possible on Monday and I would not be surprised at all. This has been a very interesting year of college football. Wait, Iowa State is a top-25 team? Yeah, it definitely has been a crazy year after that statement.

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